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Licensed Brands

Discover ALDO Product Services’ Brand Portfolio

The ALDO Group wholesale division, ALDO Product Services (APS) was founded on the belief that in order to be successful, and to help other companies realize their full potential, it is essential to consistently seize opportunities, break boundaries, and go above and beyond what anyone else in the industry can offer. Their mission is to offer everything they have learned to other partners whose goal is to build world-class footwear and accessories businesses. From product design and development to brand, marketing and distribution, APS offers a full 360-degree service. Discover our brands below.


An icon of classic style, Sperry has become a trailblazer in timeless footwear and modern casuals. The brand is renowned for its iconic boat shoes that left an enduring impact on casual and leisure footwear worldwide. With a heritage spanning over 90 years, the Sperry's commitment to quality, comfort and timeless design continues to resonate, making it a symbol of timeless style and adventure.


ROXY is a fashion brand inspired by the Mountain and the Wave. Since our inception in 1990 with the first women’s specific boardshort inspired by Lisa Andersen, we have always empowered girls to live their dreams and explore this world we live in. We create adventure-inspired, purpose-driven fashion that motivates women to live richer, more engaged lives.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers has the unique distinction of outfitting more than 40 U.S. Presidents, world-famous actors, musicians and artists. Today’s Brooks Brothers remains classic yet thoroughly modern, reflecting shifts in fashion of the past 20 years- from formal wear to sportswear, there’s room in everyone’s closet for Brooks Brothers.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a global leader of accessible luxury lifestyle collections for men and women in the fashion, accessories, footwear, homeware and beauty categories. For more than 35 years they have built a global reputation for high quality products, defined by colour, texture and print and forged an iconic image, where they never take themselves too seriously and always make sure they celebrate the fun and humour of style. The heart of the brand is in the details. It’s what’s on the inside that counts


What was launched in 1978 as traditional men’s clothing with individual flair has grown into a lifestyle brand for the entire family. Today, the complete collection spans sportswear, uniforms, suiting, and special occasion dressing. In character and choice, it is the embodiment of all American style: authentic, natural, and timeless.


Globally conscious, Element is a lifestyle brand rooted in skateboarding, culture, and nature. We create relevant, durable & quality products respecting the planet and its people. We promote diversity and inclusion within the brand and beyond. We contribute to the fight against climate change and regenerate nature.

ALDO Product Services

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