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Forty years ago, a young Aldo Bensadoun – son of a shoe merchant, grandson of a cobbler – set out to realize a dream. Armed with passion and a deep-rooted understanding of the shoe business, he envisioned a different kind of company, a brand that cares.

Aldo Bensadoun pledged to build his company on a commitment to compassion, ethics, and understanding the customer in order to offer them the best possible products and services. Since 1972, this philosophy has fuelled the ALDO Group’s constant innovation and steady striving to be the best it can be for its customers.



Specializing in the design and production of quality, stylish and accessible footwear and accessories, the ALDO Group has an unsurpassed knowledge of the shoe retail business. This expertise has enabled us to cover all corners of the footwear market with three signature brands: ALDO, CALL IT SPRING and GLOBO. While all distinct in character, the ALDO Group family of brands all beat with the same heart - an energetic core containing the spirit and vision of one man and his dream.

Since the very first ALDO store opened its doors in downtown Montreal in 1972, this pioneering company has gone from one strength to another, consistently striving to be the best it can be for its customers. In 1993, we sought to bring our product and our brand beyond the Canadian borders and we opened our first store in the U.S. This was closely followed by the first franchise store in Israel in 1995, and we have not slowed down since. The ALDO Group now has more than 3,000 points of sale around the globe, operating on all continents except Antarctica.

Emile Bensadoun's (Aldo's father) shoe store

1983 - Fall/Winter Collection

Doctor's Bag

1973 - Italian Clog, Advertisement of the First ALDO Bestseller

1990s - Assortment of ALDO Shopping Bags

1996 - Spring/Summer Collection

1990s - ALDO Logo

1983 - Fall/Winter Collection

1983 - Fall/Winter Collection

2000s - ALDO Barbie Doll

1995 - ALDO Fights AIDS Campaign Poster