All franchise store plans are provided by the ALDO Group and undergo the same design and development process as the company’s corporate stores. This helps to ensure the consistency of each brand in all markets.

The ALDO Group also currently supplies fixtures for approximately 90 percent of its franchise stores. Making use of the company’s established supply network, franchisees enjoy reduced costs and shorter transport times, as well as lower brokerage and duty fees.

Although the ALDO Group’s model specifies a single design concept for each banner, the company also takes local needs and cultural differences into consideration and can adapt concepts to better fit their location.

Our partners are provided with regional visual planning that has been developed through analysis of regional buys and availability in the market. This ensures consistency in how the product is presented, while considering the needs of each region.

All marketing collateral and activities are filtered and supported by the ALDO Group’s marketing department to ensure on-brand execution through every consumer touch point. The ALDO Group’s approach towards region-specific needs is extremely flexible and is committed to delivering tailored strategies and content in order to remain competitive on a global scale.