A borderless world. A seamless marketplace. This is the universal vision of the ALDO Group, a family of brands custom-built to meet the demands of the modern international customer. This vision has been making its way across the globe since the ALDO Group opened its first store back in 1972. Since then, it has gone on to make its name known around the world with 3,000 points of sale in over 100 countries and almost 200 million customers visiting stores each year.

To ensure the exclusivity of its brands, the ALDO Group carefully controls every stage of production with thoughtful attention to detail. It allows the company’s in-house designers and line builders to creatively customize products to satisfy the needs and requirements of the entire spectrum of ALDO Group customers.

The ALDO Group strongly believes in bringing the world to the doorstep of its customers. Through direct sourcing, the company is able to put the customer directly in touch with the finest manufacturers from around the globe, bypassing the middleman and delivering superior fashion, quality and value.