With each day that passes and in everything that we do, it is our priority to maintain our people-centric philosophy. We’re a company that cares. Our associates are hard-working, passionate and committed to our customers. It’s our mission to ensure the best-possible customer service on every possible level.

Both at our stores and in our offices, our associates are the voice of the ALDO Group and are the ambassadors of our brand, ensuring every day that the standard of service we aim to uphold is nothing short of exceptional.


In-Store Ordering System
An exciting first in the retail shoe industry, the ALDO Group has established an in-store ordering system in select locations that allows the direct shipment of orders to customers’ homes. The company’s sophisticated search engine allows its associates to instantly locate out-of-stock sizes in affiliate stores or distribution centres and have them delivered directly to customers’ homes within two to six days.


The Online Experience
To make the shopping experience as simple and hassle-free as possible for customers, the ALDO Group complements its in-store experience by offering interactive and user-friendly websites for each of its banners. Customers can shop online, and return unwanted items either online or in person at a store nearby. Online shoppers are also invited to join brand VIP clubs, giving them access to news, special offers, exclusive promotions and more.