What matters the most? Connection with the consumer. How do we do it? Through the use of technology that empowers our associates with tools to serve.

We leverage technology to drive human connections by letting it accelerate everything we do. Interactions are as quick and seamless as possible – from reducing time between front and back of store to having the right answer for alternate item requests, the store experience is enhanced by our innovative approach to connected retail.

Our exclusively developed mFind is the key tool that powers these capabilities for our associates. It enables various applications and touchpoints (endless shelf, iPads, Aldo App users) to connect with the store environment and associates, producing new features and ways of connecting.

But we don’t stop there.

We are continually exploring, testing, iterating and experimenting with emerging technologies to find the best ways to improve the overall shopping experience. For example, we’re using virtual reality to design our stores and complete preliminary brand environment tests to accelerate development. We are obsessed with merging physical and digital for a seamless brand experience, and the possibilities are endless.