From health insurance to summer Fridays, ALDO Group associates have access to a wide variety of benefits and services that contribute to both their personal and professional growth.

In keeping with our people-first philosophy, we strive to offer programs that not only help them plan for the future but also make their day-to-day a little easier. On top of a complete medical package, our full-time associates are able to enjoy benefits like educational assistance, language training, fitness classes, access to local daycare facilities and Summer Fridays.

Here’s a small sample of the benefits and services that are offered to our associates at the different levels of our business:

Summer Fridays (HO)
For a certain number of Fridays throughout the summer, head office associates are free to leave at 1 p.m. so they can enjoy the season.  


Subsidized Daycare (HO)
The ALDO Group makes family a priority by offering associates access to subsidized daycare services to make sure our families are taken care of. Partnering with an accredited daycare facility close to our head office, associates can rest assured that their little ones are taken care of.


Carpool Program (HO)
To facilitate our commute in the busy city of Montreal, we offer a turnkey carpooling network for our associates, in partnership with DESTL's Centre de gestion des déplacements. With designated priority parking spaces, our associates enjoy riding together while reducing CO2 emissions.

Gourmet Subsidized Café (HO)
Our on-site subsidized self-serve cafeteria offers freshly prepared meals every day at low prices. Healthy options, special treats, and BBQs in the summer are some of the culinary choices available.


Local Organic Produce Delivery (HO)
Our associates can save time on groceries and enjoy delicious, locally-grown organic fruit and veggies delivered at work. ALDO Group associates can sign up to receive freshly-harvested organic fruit and vegetables from a local farm, delivered directly to our head office every week during the months of June through November.


Friends and Family Events (HO, Stores)
Through partnerships with our neighbours and other local companies, ALDO Group associates are often offered the chance to participate in Friends and Family events, receiving discounts on shoes and apparel. Associates are also invited to Friends and Family events in our banners, where both they and their loved ones can take advantage of great discounts and specials.


Group Insurance (HO, Stores)
Full-time ALDO Group associates are offered enrolment in the company's group insurance plan. The flexible plans offer a full range of benefits including health, travel, dental, disability and life insurance coverage. Partially paid for by the company, participants can choose the program that best suits their needs. (Offered to HO and store managers after three months of full-time employment and after six months to store associates.)


Employee Assistance Program (HO, Stores)
Private, confidential and free, ALDO Group associates and their immediate families have access to an Employee Assistance Program to help them deal with problems that arise about work, health and life. Associates have 24/7 access to telephone, in-person and online resources to help cope with relationship and family issues, addictions and issues of personal well-being as well as workplace challenges. The program also includes financial, legal and nutritional support services.


RRSP (HO, Stores) 
The ALDO Group offers a group RRSP option to all full-time associates once they reach their date of eligibility for Group insurance benefits, by direct payroll deduction. The company begins contributing to the program following one year of service.


Purchase Discount (HO, Stores)

All full-time associates receive amazing discounts on shoes and accessories at all of the ALDO Group's banners with proof of employment.