Our Services


ALDO Product Services (APS) was founded on the belief that in order to be successful, and to help other companies realize their full potential, it is essential to consistently seize opportunities, break boundaries, and go above and beyond what anyone else in the industry can offer. When companies partner with us, they're not just buying shoes; they're investing in our unparalleled, proven expertise in all aspects of the footwear business-everything from design to distribution-all around the globe. Our mission is to offer everything we have learned to other retailers whose goal is to build world-class footwear and accessories businesses.

Our APS team works with a select group of retail clients to create and develop brands, providing all the tools and advice needed to help companies succeed. From product design and development to branding, marketing and distribution, APS offers a full 360-degree service. Clients choose how involved they want the company to be in any given project, but APS is available to help every step of the way. Partnership offerings can be broken down into the following two key segments:


APS designs exclusively for its private label partners, taking care of everything from product development and branding to finding the right manufacturers.


APS sets up a dedicated team to work on its partners' existing lines. The team helps them to develop marketing strategies, advises them on the best outlets to sell their products, takes care of licensing and distribution and offers the ALDO Group's expertise on what works and what doesn't in a given market.