In keeping with its family-centric philosophy, GLOBO has pledged its support for Youth Fusion and joined the fight to counter high school dropout rates.

Youth Fusion is a Montreal-based charity that establishes innovative partnerships between high schools and universities in an effort to keep youth hooked on school. With the help of its partners, Youth Fusion enrolls university students or recent grads to implement projects in schools with the lowest academic standings. Each project not only gives students the chance to be involved in compelling activities, but stimulates their appetite for learning and keeps them motivated to stay in school.

The 2012-13 school year marked the launch of a new Fashion & Design program in l’École Saint-Laurent sponsored by GLOBO. The program was established to provide underprivileged students with the opportunity to learn about fashion and design in a stimulating, hands-on environment. Tangible projects involving sketching, sewing and digital rendering provide students with the opportunity to let their creative talents shine while giving them the possibility to discover the world of fashion and the opportunities that lie within it.

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