War Child

Since 2008, CALL IT SPRING has been proud to be the main retail partner of War Child, a charity dedicated to providing vital assistance to children and families in war-torn countries. In the years since the partnership began, CALL IT SPRING has raised over $200,000 to support War Child in their efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As a direct result of numerous fundraising initiatives by CALL IT SPRING in its stores and online, War Child has been able to reconstruct three schools from the ground up in remote rural locations in eastern Congo. This area, devastated by the ongoing war, now has schools that provide more than 1,200 students with safe and free education.

Who is War Child?

War Child helps rebuild war-affected communities to provide the support necessary for children to experience a stable childhood. When war itself ends, the consequences endure. A lack of employment opportunities, the absence of effective economic or social structures, a destroyed infrastructure, an under-educated population and a culture of impunity around rights violations combine to create conditions that make a return to conflict all too possible. But by making a long-term investment to help the children develop into healthy, educated and productive adults, the cycle of violence can be broken.