Another Reason to LOVE

Little Burgundy and LOVE have united to create a totally awesome beanie, that will keep you toasty AND raise funds to go towards art-based after school programs for at-risk youth, that will enable them to Leave Out ViolencE.

LITTLE BURGUNDY has been a proud partner of Leave Out Violence since our beginnings in 2008, helping them host fundraising events and publishing creative pieces made by their talented youth. Previous events, such as the VANS Warped Tour in Toronto and Montreal, various fundraiser concerts, fashion shows and more, have embraced both LITTLE BURGUNDY and LOVE.


What is LOVE?

LOVE is a youth-focused organization working with young adults aged 13 to 18 helping them to reduce the violence in their lives and in their communities through its innovative media arts leadership program. Youth are trained in the skills of photography and journalism, to examine and to give expression to their personal experiences of violence. This is a cathartic process that enables those who have experienced violence to recover their inner voice. Since LOVE was founded in Montreal in 1993, the organization has expanded to Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver
and New York City.


Violence changes lives, so can LOVE. Leave out violence.