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Our workforce is as diverse as our geographical imprint. Since our very early beginnings, we’ve been proud champions of diversity and inclusion. We recognize that each associate has individual experiences, views and opinions, and it’s our goal to maintain an inclusive work environment that encourages each one of them to embrace who they are and reach their full potential.

We value our diversity and we know that true innovation can only be born through a free exchange of knowledge, ideas and personal experience. That’s why we love all people regardless of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, and background. Just take a look at our global workforce, where nationalities are represented from all corners of the globe.   

We are committed to female leadership and believe that gender diversity on executive and leadership teams positively contributes to business performance. Our CEO, David Bensadoun, is a committed ambassador to this cause and is determined to move the needle forward. To this end, we are a proud member of the 30% Club (30percentclub.org). 

In 2017, 69% of our global workforce and 68% of management level associates were women. Our goal is now to improve gender balance at the senior director and executive level. Today, over 50% of our directors and 40% of our vice-presidents are female. 

Our focus in the coming years will be to consciously de-bias all recruiting and talent processes through training, workshops, networking and resource groups, work-life integration initiatives and reporting our results in a regular and transparent manner.