Statement & Information in Response to CBC Marketplace

On January 15, CBC Television’s Marketplace program featured a story on jewelry in which the program examined metal levels of select jewelry items. The TV program tested a number of fashion chains in Canada, including ALDO.

Below are the two statements from The ALDO Group that were provided to CBC for this story. These explain the various actions the company has taken in regards to this subject



The ALDO Group
Corporate Statement
November 2, 2015

The safety of our products and health of our customers is a top priority for the ALDO Group. We strive to offer quality footwear and accessories that are in compliance with global standards.

Lead and cadmium are among a list of restricted substances that the ALDO Group monitors for compliance. Although there are currently no established limits or legislation in Canada for lead and cadmium in adult jewelry, the ALDO Group sets internal requirements based on global regulations and industry standards, and we continually reassess and improve our practices of establishing limits and monitoring vendor compliance with these limits.

The ALDO Group requires vendors to provide proof of compliance for products. We also perform additional testing on products and monitor the restricted substance levels through independent third party accredited laboratory tests. Products found not to meet the established internal ALDO Group standards are removed from our stores.

We were disappointed to learn that the items tested by the CBC failed our own internal guidelines, so we are taking steps to remove these items from all of our stores. We are committed to increasing our monitoring efforts, and we will work with our vendors to enforce compliance with our internal guidelines.


The ALDO Group
November 19, 2015
Extension of up-stream and downstream product testing

As a follow-up to the statement we issued to CBC Marketplace on November 2nd, we would like to inform you of some of the additional measures ALDO Group is implementing to address non-compliant inventory and enforce vendor compliance.

In collaboration with an independent third-party expert in heavy-metal testing, internal testing of existing inventory will be extended to include products they assess to have the highest risk characteristics. If non-compliant products are found they will be removed from stores.

Moving forward, we will also introduce focused testing of a broader sample of products prior to distribution to our stores. This will include the highest risk products identified by the independent third-party expert. Non-compliant products will be rejected and returned to the vendor.

We will also continue to work with vendors to promote compliance. Action will be taken against non-compliant vendors through financial penalties as well as termination of contracts for repeated non-compliance.