The ALDO Group is known for its passionate, productive and motivated workforce. This is because we are a company committed first and foremost to our people, providing the best tools and training to inspire a healthy work ethic and overall excellence. At our core, we believe that when one person grows, so does the company.

We understand the importance of building strong management teams, so that the company's core values carry over into every division and department. The result is a hard-working and fast-paced culture where performance standards are high. But thanks to a strong support network and an extensive range of training initiatives, ALDO Group team members have all the tools and opportunities available to them to realize their full potential.

Another fundamental part of the ALDO Group's People-First philosophy is rewarding strong work performance. Every year, the company honours deserving team members at all levels of the business through outstanding recognition and incentive programs reinforcing our commitment to their success.